I’m a lawyer, policy advisor, researcher and teacher based in India. My areas of interest include privacy, platforms and AI. I work with businesses, think tanks, law firms, academics and policymakers. I enjoy spicy food, mellow music, and the mountains.

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What I’m working on

📶 Consulting

I help clients navigate complex policy issues involving new technologies. I analyse trends, identify risks and advise on strategy.

My clients include global companies, think tanks and non-profits. I work with a trusted network of experts built over a decade.

📚 Research

I’m a non-resident research fellow at Carnegie India and the Center for Responsible AI at IIT Madras. Some highlights of my work:

🖋️  Life ****

I write about my life experiences and lessons learnt along the way:

🎓 Teaching

I help students prepare for a career in technology law and policy.

I teach an introductory course called “The Principles and Practice of Tech Policy” at the National Law School of India University.

📚 Disclosures

I try to write thoughtfully, based on first principles, data and experience. In the interest of transparency, I’m disclosing that:

📚 What I’m reading

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